Day 5:

Always remember
Love is not just finding the perfect person, it is seeing an imperfect person perfectly.

I love this little saying. I think it sums up completely how a relationship works. Not everybody is perfect, we all have our little faults. Things that irritate the other person, but with true love it just doesn’t matter. I see my husband perfectly everyday, everyday my love for him grows. Everyday I am grateful he fell in love with me. I truly feel like the luckiest women in the world. I am so blessed.

So today’s photo love:



Day 4:

Red,white & blue


Happy 4th July

Day 3:

Cold. That is what the theme of today’s photo is, for me it was an easy one, my feet. They are always cold, well most of the time, unless abroad or wearing slippers. So here is a picture of my diddy feet. (Size2)


Day two:

Today’s photo is shoes. I was goin to do something adorable with the kids shoes but then thought no!!! I have had my eye on these babies for a while they are delicious!!! I love high tops and these beauties are gorgeous I am seriously in love!!!


Aren’t they perfect. I am hoping they will be added to my shoe collection before the year is out……

Day one:

So July is already upon us an I haven’t really blogged a lot at all so I am doing July photo a day. I loved it when I did it in feb so am committing my July to doing it.

So here is Day one: happiness is……

For me happiness is spending time with my beautiful family. Enjoying all the new things my children learn to do everyday.


Epic fail

So shit at this blogging business but will deffo have a go at photo a day in July. June would be fab but we are away loads so prob won’t keep up with it.

So we have all be so sick during the month of may this is my excuse for being a poop blogger and I am sticking to it. So now we are all healthy again here I am.

First off Finley has recently developed a Yorkshire accent. We have no clue where this has come from but it is hysterical. He is constantly saying “oh no” it makes me smile. Today we had our first real temper tantrum. It lasted a whole 25 mins. Wow. It was exhausting to watch so he must have been done in once he had finished.


This is him at the weekend enjoying his pre swim snack.

Betsey is fab. She is sort of saying “hiya” she is clapping hands and waved for the first time yesterday. Such a busy girly. She still isn’t a fan of tummy time but has started to be all sneaky and move slightly when you aren’t really paying attention to her. Tricky.


She is such a cutie.

We are off on our holidays on Saturday. Really looking forward to it but starting to feel the stress of forgetting things ect. So I will probably post on our return from Majorca.

Day two:

Day two is fun in the sun!!!!

So far we have not been very lucky with the weather here, but whenever the sun has been out we have been in the garden. Finley loves being outside, Betsey loves the grass I between her toes.


May photo a day. Day one:

So I am doing this again. This time it is solely of my children. Yay. So here is 1/5/13:



Finley is the one in the hat, he arrived 6 weeks early and weighed 4lbs 14oz bless him he was such a diddley dot.

Betsey arrived 2 weeks early she weighed 5lbs 9oz so she was titchy too bless my little tiny babies 😀


Since moving in together back in 07-08 my hubby and I have always brushed our teeth together. It’s our thing. I think this is why I love this song and it feels relevant.